Overview __________

The fastest and most powerful Ferrari yet

The first and most difficult challenge Ferrari always faces when it decides to develop a new model is to push the boundaries of its own achievements yet again.

On this occasion, intensive research and development focused on exploiting Ferrari’s wealth of track-derived engineering know-how has produced the 812 Superfast, designed to offer its drivers both benchmark performance across the board and the most riveting and rewarding driving experience possible.

Specifications __________

Type V12 – 65°
Overall displacement 6,496 cc
Maximum power output * 588 kW (800 cv) at 8,500 rpm
Maximum torque * 718 Nm at 7,000 rpm
Length 4,657 mm
Width 1,971 mm
Height 1,276 mm
Dry weight** 1,525 kg
Weight distribution 46-53% front/rear
Maximum speed >340 Km/h
0-100 km/h 2.9 sec
Fuel consumption 14,9 l/100km
Emissions 340g CO2/km
* With 5 cv ram effect
** With lightweight optionals
*** Under homologation. ECE+EUDC with standard HELE system